Through the act of robing myself with an apron and amice I am performing both the priest (custodian of a belief system) as well as the harlot (the judged outcast). As a response to the painting The Black Christ (1962), this work sets up a similar martyr/persecutor relationship with the viewers forming the prayer circle, which creates a contemplative space to negotiate the choice to edify or condemn.  This artwork was created for Visual Arts Dept staff exhibition as part of Woordfees in Stellenbosch, Western Cape in 2012.


Prayer Circle: Vested I-II

Digital Prints on cotton rag 300gsm

50 x 70 cm

Selected pages from an artist’s book, New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knowledge Each image is drawn on a lithographic stone, photographed and digitally reproduced




Selected pages from an artist’s book, New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knowledge Each image is a digital collage from scans of old print books



digital-collage-4 digital-collage-5





4 colour stone lithograph

Closed edition of 10


After Goya: Apologiser

Stone Lithograph on Somerset

300 gsm

For this series of work I am drawing on three modes of expression familiar to me (dance, crochet and printmaking) all of which represent aspects of my history and training, which are integral in my sense of self. Capturing the tension between movement and stillness, the 3 pieces are the final moments in a choreographed dance, which looks at the breath as a release. The quietness of the prints provide a moment or space for contemplation, a forced breath, and an exhalation marking the end of an act.

screenprint-2 screenprint-1

If I tell myself enough I and II

2014 Screenprint

Edition of 3

etching-with-crochet-1 etching-with-crochet-2

Final Act: Exhale I and II


Multi-plate etching on Hanhemule 300gsm

Edition of 4


Farer I and II


Multi-plate etching on Hahnemule 300gsm

Edition of 4


Of ice and frost

2014 Linocut on pure silk